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जवाहर नवोदय विद्यालय गाण्डेय, गिरिडीह(झारखण्ड)

Culture a life Style of the District.:

As the name of the district "Giridih" itself reflects it is the place of Mountains. The district beautifully covered with the small mountaineers has the mixed culture of the different religious and castes. The Hindus, the Muslim, Christians and the Jains are the popular inhabitants of Giridih. At these sects depend on agriculture as it is their chief occupation and only source of living.

The Giridih district has an ample population of tribal like Santhal, Munda and Kols. Their source of living is agriculture and most of them are farmers. They follow both Hindu and Christian belief. They are free from all the modern problems and wear simple dress. On the other hand most of the Hindus and the Muslims sections are following the mixture culture of older and modern age. The famous Parasnath temple is situated in this district a religious pious and sacred place of the Jainism. The original Jainism with little modern change can be seen in this district.

Basically a poor district, Giridih is improving its political awareness, literacy and other social development to improve its living standards. Most of the part are yet to be developed and caused the emergence of militancy. The Government and the society are geared up to bring them in the main stream. The Geographical condition of the state is also responsible for the less development and the emerging militancy.

The customs of the society of all the sections of the Hindus is based on Vedic and popular custom, while the Muslims have their orthodox and modern style of custom. The main occupation of this area is cultivation but people have change their mind for business also. The reason forces the people to migrate towards the city and villages remain vacant. The marginal differences can be seen in the dress and design of the people of the village and the city. Most of the villagers used to wear the traditional doti, kurta and lungi, while the ity inhabitants used to wear fashionable modern dress. It effects the thinking of the people, too. On the other hand, Jaians have their own style of dress according to their religion that is basically found in the Jain Temple. They don't wear any dress, the people living the society of its section don't have such effect on their dress; they live like the other people wear the fashionable dresses.

The food habit of the people is divided mainly in the two groups : the tribal and non tribal.

The tribal takes their simple and traditional food rice and the stuff made of rice. The simple reason behind the various of use of rice is that they are based on agriculture and paddy is cultivated here. While the non tribal have their common food style like Rice, curry, things made of wheat etc. Their food habits are just like the food habit of northern India.

In a nut shell, the culture and life style of the Giridih is the mixture of tribal and non tribal, Hindus and Muslims; Jaian and Christians and the traditional and modern.

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